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Hawkeye Rewards

Brandt Heating Partners with Hawkeye Rewards

Earn and Redeem Hawkeye Reward Points with Brandt Heating! ¬†Upon payment, let us know you are a Hawkeye Rewards member and we will give you points based on your purchase. If you aren’t a member, download the Hawkeye Rewards...

Heat & Glo

Now Available in our Showroom: Heat & Glo Gas Fireplace Inserts

Come check out our newly renovated Showroom to see the Heat & Glo gas fireplace inserts: Escape and Supreme!      

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Furnace Room Usage Tips

Furnace Room Usage Tips: Do not use the furnace room for storage as the heating unit needs all the air in the room for combustion. Do not store or use flammable liquids (including paint) in the furnace room or...


Heating Season Tips

Heating Season Tips For Better Furnace Efficiency: Set thermostat to heat position. Set fan switch to automatic position. Adjust the dial on the thermostat to the desired temperature. Adjust the humidifier to desired level. (We recommend 40%)



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