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Heat and Cool a Single Room or Addition with a Minisplit

Mitsubishi minisplit cooling and heating

A ductless Mitsubishi Minisplit allows you to actively condition the rooms you live in while dialing back energy costs in the rooms you don’t use without any bulky ductwork. Brandt Heating and Air Conditioning can help you control the heating and cooling in a room addition or make a 3-seasons room into a 4-seasons room with ease.

Mitsubishi Minisplit ductless systems pump cooled or heated refrigerant direct to wall-mounted air-handling units through small lines and require only a 3” opening to the outside for two refrigerant lines, control wiring, and electrical connections.  Each room or living space has its own air-handling unit inside and outside as well as a wireless remote control.

Reasons to use a Mitsubishi Minisplit system:

  • Comfort in a single room
  • Efficiency which directly leads to Financial Savings
  • Convenience
  • Ease of use
  • Utility company rebate (MidAmerican offers one!!!)

Mitsubishi Minisplit Systems Work Great to:

  • Convert a 3-season porch to a 4-season porch
  • Heat or cool small additions that are not included in the heating and cooling system
  • Conference Rooms that you want to control temperatures separately
  • Server rooms or computer rooms that need to stay at a regulated temperature

View a Video from Mitsubishi about the power of Ductless heating and cooling.

outdoor minisplit unit
minisplit closeup


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