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Heating Systems that will Save You Money

During the hot and cold winter months, the largest portion of your gas and electric bill will result from your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.  Brandt Heating and Air Conditioning helps our customers stay comfortable and save money with our line of energy saving furnaces and air conditioners. Our high quality furnaces feature the highest efficiency ratings in the industry.

High Quality Residential and Commercial Heating Equipment

We offer multiple lines of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems including American Standard, Bryant Products, and Comfortmaker furnaces, air conditioners and air quality equipment. You’ll always get HVAC equipment that will maximize your comfort with exclusive state-of-the-art technology that quietly, meticulously, and efficiently conditions your air.

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Standing Behind Manufacturer Warranties

Regardless of the brand selected, Brandt Heating offers extended warranties and stands behind the products we install.

Brandt Heating and Air Conditioning features a full-line of heating products to provide ultimate comfort including:

American Standard Heat and Air
Bryant Heating and Cooling products - Brandt Heating and Cooling Iowa City
comfortmaker heat and air conditioning

Energy Efficient Furnaces Pay in the long-Run

Beyond performance, our heating products also provide options for energy efficient operation which lead to cost savings. A new energy efficient heating and cooling system will pay itself off in as long as if it is well maintained by skilled HVAC technicians.

Customized Heating & Cooling Systems for:

  • Residential Retrofit Replacements
  • Residential New Construction
  • Commercial Retrofit Replacements
  • Commercial New Construction

Some of our furnaces operate at over 97% efficiency, which means that 97% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home. For example, at 17 degrees outside a 95% efficiency furnace will give you $0.95 of heat of every $1.00 spent.

We take into account the desired heating space, our customers’ desired efficiencies and comfort, even down to the details of the space provided in the furnace room.

Stop letting your money evaporate into thin air and make sure you are benefiting from new energy efficient heating and cooling technology.

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