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Duct Cleaning

Dirty Ducts – Dirty Air – Regular Duct Cleaning Helps

Dirty ducts can cause dust and pet dander allergies to act up, so regular duct cleaning services are needed to keep the contaminants and dust down in your home. Brandt Heating and Air Conditioning features the Rotobrush Duct Cleaning System to rid your home of contaminants that collect over time in your duct system.

Our advanced methods thoroughly scrub and vacuum your ducts without hard chemicals.  Your ducts will be left fresh, clean, virtually irritant-free.

Reasons to have your home’s ducts cleaned:

  • Allergies to danger or dust
  • Moving to a house where the previous owner smoked and/or had pets

Duct Cleaning Consists of:

  • Clean and sanitize register covers to remove cooking oil, nicotine film, and other dust collecting film.
  • Deep clean the source of air supply, including the furnace, blower, coils, and return air supply.
  • Air ducts are brushed and vacuumed with our exclusive, patented Rotobrush. It removes allergy and disease-causing contaminants that continually circulate throughout your air duct system and home.
  • Deodorize and sanitize your system with EnviroCON HVAC Total Envrionmental Control.

To learn more about our duct cleaning services, contact Brandt Heating and Air Conditioning at 319-338-3637 to schedule a service.


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